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First steps to set yourself up succesfully

The whole process takes about 15 min for the initial set-up. If you stay in an area with poor connection speeds this might be slower. To Download and install about 25 MB of data is required. After that 400KB on a daily basis. 


Download from Google Play Store & Install

Open App. Go to Login. When there click on Register. Setup the account according to the instructions on the page. When done click Submit


Make sure that your password adheres to the following rules:

  1. Total minimum of 6 characters

  2. At least 1 capital letter: A – Z

  3. At least 1 lowercase letter: a – z

  4. At least 1 digit: 0 – 9

  5. At least 1 special character, generally found above numbers on keyboard:   !@#$%^&*()

When done click send and a confirmation mail will be send to you

A confirmation mail will be send to you. This can take up to 2 minutes in some cases. Please also check your junk-mail or clutter box, as it sometimes ends up there.

Confirm the email sent to the client by clicking on the link. After this you can log in with the provided email and password.

Upon successfully completing your identification you can safely proceed to the actual registration.

After logging on you will be directed to the Registration Wizard. Here one can tailor the setting up of the app. 

After logging on you will be directed to the Registration Wizard. Here one can tailor the setting up of the app. 

After logging on you will be directed to the Registration Wizard. Here one can tailor the setting up of the app. 

Make your next choices according to your setup. When all questions have been answered the app will generate your account with initial values. After initial set-up, you can always alter your settings.


Operational Language -> this impacts the data in the db. Not all languages are available. Base language is English.

Operational Country -> select what your main country of operation is. All financials will be related to this countries’ currency.

Latitude, Longitude, Altitude -> generated by the app when location services are switched on. Required for correlate data based on climate and vicinity.

Company Type -> Make a selection, choices are:

  1. Vertical Integration – larger operations with multiple BirdPhase

  2. Cooperative – similar but legally different

  3. Broiler Farm – Only broilers – for smaller to medium operators

  4. Layer Farm – Only commercial layers – for smaller to medium operators

  5. Mixed Farm – Broilers as well as commercial layers, or dual-purpose birds – for smaller to medium operators

BirdPhase -> select based on first choice. In case of Vertical Integration choose either broiler or layer, depending on which is predominant. Later you can add the other BirdPhase.

Supplier - > select your predominant supplier. Others can be added later

Breed - > select your main breed. When changing supplier, available breeds change.

Bird places -> give your total number of birds you keep. When adding more assets(sheds) later the app will recalculate total numbers.

Vertical Integrator à Vertical Integration or Cooperative you can select the Vertical Integrator or Cooperative you belong to or have a contract with.

Reseller à in case you found the I grow chicken app through a reseller, select the appropriate reseller. The default being I Grow Chicken itself.


When done click Next

If you like you can download the instructions by clicking on the pdf logo.

Informational message. Click Finish.

The app will now process your answers and setup your account and download relevant data to your phone. When done please check the following to proceed successfully and start using the app.

  1. Check Assets -> Farm as well as Shed level. Make sure settings are in line with how you wish to operate your farm

  2. Flock Actions -> go through these options 1 by 1.

    1. Plan flock -> start by planning when you want to place birds

    2. Place flock -> place the flock on the actual date. The app will now generate all required records

    3. Daily Ops -> throughout the cycle of the birds you can record all data in the app.

    4. Close flock -> at the end of the cycle you close the flock, to free up the asset and allow for placement of next flock.

Just click on any of the menu options, accessible when swiping from left to right, or clicking the icon top-left, to acquaint yourself with all possibilities.

The menu option reports allows you to monitor and assess performance.


Reports can only be generated when appropriate data has been entered into the system.

All Flock Actions and Reporting require you to have an internet connection.

Daily ops and other menu options work online as well as offline!

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